Eight Simple Steps for Wealth Creation

We usually dream of buying a home with luxurious setting, going on vacation abroad with family, or purchasing a BMW car. There are so much more that we dream of achieving in life.

All this is achievable from creating wealth. However, wealth creation is not possible overnight. People are always looking for ways to build wealth that enables them to live a comfortable life. But the question of major concern is – where to start from?

There are simple steps that help you start building wealth. To build wealth, you need to be regular and disciplined with your investments.

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8 Steps to Follow for Wealth Creation

Following are the steps you can take to generate wealth.

Step 1: Earn Money

Step 2: Establish Financial Goals

Step 3: Save Money

Step 4: Make Right Investments

Step 5: Clear your Debt

Step 6: Create an Emergency Fund

Step 7: Protect Your Assets

Step 8: Implement and Make Adjustments

Let’s have an in-depth understanding of all these wealth creation steps.

1. Earn More Money

When it comes to creating wealth, it is the first and most fundamental step. You need to earn enough money and increase your earnings, so you can meet all your required expenses and save money from for investing.

You can search for a new job opportunity in the high job profile with the skill set you already have or launch a new business venture. It will help increase your earnings. You must add alternative sources of income. It not helps increase your earnings, but with this you can invest more money and achieve goals with ease.

2. Establish Financial Goals

When you are seeking to create wealth, you firstly need to start with identifying your financial goals. Everyone has some goals in life such as buying a home, child’s higher education, going on a dream vacation, retirement planning, and much more.

After you are set with your financial goals, you can easily get to know the savings you need to achieve that helps fulfilling your investment goals.

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3. Save Money

You have started earning money, live comfortably, but there is a matter of concern, you are not making any savings. Savings is one of the steps that help you get an inch closer towards wealth creation. You need to manage expenses in a way that help you save more and achieve your savings goals.

By identifying the financial goals, you get a clear picture about the savings you need to achieve. To save more, you are required to fix a monthly budget and make expenses accordingly. While creating a budget, you need to make sure that all your required expenses are easily met with in the budget amount. Don’t go over-budget while shopping.

Make savings is extremely vital, as it is further invested to meet financial goals. The right way to save money is to put aside the fixed amount that you want to save every month and then start making expenses with the remaining amount.

For example, if your monthly salary is Rs. 60,000 and you want to save Rs 25,000, you may simply put aside Rs. 25,000 from your salary and then manage your expenses with the remaining Rs. 35,000. Moreover, you should review your spending habits to ensure if there is any scope to cut-down expenses and get more savings.

4. Make Right Investments

Now, if you are making enough savings, it is the right time to start investing. When you are up for investing, you need to identify the right investment options that provide you high returns. Investments that offer high return will help you accumulate corpus and build wealth.

People usually tend to put money with conservative investments like a savings account. But this type of investment is not going you to help towards building wealth. You need to pick from varying investment classes such as equities, mutual funds, public provident fund, national pension scheme, unit linked insurance plan, real estate, and gold.

Moreover, you are also required to diversify the investments with the proper asset allocation. It facilitates you to minimize the risk involved in investing.

5. Clear your Debt

Making investments is not only the step required to build wealth. You also need to focus on other things such as paying the debt. When it comes to paying the debt, it’s an intelligent move to pay off high-interest debt as early as possible, so you can start utilizing the money towards building wealth for you.

It is better not to take debt and avoid it as far as possible. But, if you require to take it, make all efforts to payback it.

6. Create an Emergency Fund

Financial emergencies may strike to anyone and at any time, so it’s better to be ready with a plan to handle those emergencies. Having an emergency fund help meet your financial requirements during emergencies. Due to the availability of emergency fund, you don’t need to take the debt. So, it’s quite crucial to have emergency fund.

You may put these funds in highly liquid asset such as high-yield savings account which gives high returns and you can also withdraw it easily and quickly.

7. Protect Your Assets

Protecting your assets is extremely essential. You must also get a financial protection against life-related risks. You need to have a comprehensive life insurance that ensures financial security for your family, if something unfortunate happen with you. A right health insurance serves as a financial guard against the health treatment expenses.

Moreover, you can also get motor insurance, travel and home insurance to get protection of your assets against unforeseen contingencies.

8. Implement and Make Adjustments

Earn more money, increase savings, making investments, maintaining an emergency fund and protecting your assets- all key aspects of wealth creation put in place, you can now see your wealth grow.

You also need to make a watch on returns in a periodic manner and make adjustments (if needed) to ensure you are on the right path towards wealth creation.


You need to be extremely disciplined in your savings and investments to achieve wealth creation. It helps you fulfil various key financial goals and live a comfortable life. You need to pick investment options that offer high returns, so you will be able to accumulate a corpus amount and build wealth.

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